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tooletry's Journal

A Place for Tool Inspired Poetry and Art
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It's So Good To See You, I've Missed You So Much

You've done well to find us. This is where we may post our toolishly inspired poems prose song lyrics and other tool inspired art work. please only post original work, but if you find something so cool and just HAVE to share it... make sure the source is appropriatly credited. Yes, any member side-project (I have gotten way too many APC questions) is perfectly fine. Just keep the points of connectivity to three or less.


We Are Tool Fans, And So Must Act Accordingly As
The Elite Group Of People that We Are.

and as an elite group of people, we also are aware of our actions in regards to our fellow toolaphiles friends lists. lj cut where appropriate. if you think its a borderline decision, lj cut anyways. better safe than sorry and deleted.

anything you post is subject to criticism
in other words, if your gonna cry and threaten suicide because somone said your "ode to maynards dick" wasnt good enough to shine knobs for downtown bums much less the man maynard himself, then you shouldnt have posted it in the first place. or if you still dont get it...

Learn to Swim.

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Banned. And Cast Out
From The Gaping Lotus Experience of

beyond that its all cool. if a problem arises that bothers me i will lay the hammer down.