"Hello, My Name Is:" EVIL. (evilpoetess69) wrote in tooletry,
"Hello, My Name Is:" EVIL.

Tool tattoo question

Hey all,
I'm J from Boston & I need help figuring out this Tool tattoo I want...
I'd like to get "I know the pieces fit" somewhere on my body, preferably where I can see it...
I was thinking my arm, but I've been told by a few artists that in order to do it justice, the font has to be big but I don't want to have some crazy ink all over my arm (I am an accounting clerk, have to be "professional" ugh)...
One tatt artist suggested making puzzle pieces out of the letters so it wasn't just plain text, which sounds cool, but is probably going to work much better on my back. Maybe I could get something on my shoulder & have it wind down my arm?

If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be great, thanks! :)

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